Thiago Passeri

Thiago is a radical young surfer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has proven himself not only as a winner of VEIAVISION 2023, but as a key part of the VEIA Ambassador Team.

He's got spice and spark in his surfing both on rail and in the air, plus a great relationship with his surfboard shaper to continually progress his equipment with his performance.

We first sponsored Thiago through our first VEIAVISION video contest, but to this day he remains a strong team member that can put our VEIA supplies through the extremes and return with feedback and improvements.

Entered World: 25/02/09

Homebreak: Honu Beach, Mar Del Plata

Favorite Wave Type: Lefthand slabs and beachbreaks.

Dreams: Qualify for the WSL World Tour.

Hero: My father is my hero, my trainer, my inspiration and my example for life.

Instagram: @thiagopasseri1

TikTok: @thiago_passeri

Youtube: @Thiago.P.P