Maddix Alotis

You're likely to see Maddix charging big waves or surfing his favorite local spots along the 7 mile miracle, but his many hobbies and passions make him a true VEIA ambassador.

"I have several different passions but at the top of the list is surfing, preferably big wave surfing. But not far behind is spearfishing. Another thing you can find me spending a lot of time doing is hunting with my bow and arrow...

...It’s an honor to represent a company that I can trust when surfing heavy conditions" - Maddix A.

Homebreak: Velzyland

Dreams: Surf in the Eddie Aikau, Reach 100,000 subs on YouTube, surf some of the biggest and scariest waves in the world.

Favorite Surf Movie: View From A Blue Moon

Favorite Non-Surf Movie: Art of Flight

Hero: That’s a hard question because I look up to so many people, but I definitely look up to Mark Healey for a lot of things. John Florence and Jamie O. are definitely up there as well.

Shaper: Pyzel Surfboards

Youtube: @maddix_alotis

Instagram: @maddix_alotis