Welcome to the Team Joao Chianca aka Chumbinho

Welcome to the Team Joao Chianca aka Chumbinho

VEIA Supplies is excited to announce Joao Chianca as our newest VEIA Ambassador...

After floating Joao a few pads and leashes over the 2023-24 winter season, we were excited to instantly hear positive and helpful feedback from him.

This feedback sparked a close relationship with Joao, working on gear to suit his life on tour, high performance power surfing and need for consistency in his equipment. Despite his recent scare at Pipeline, he's been taking time to recover & is now looking stronger than ever, with a brighter outlook on his career and surfing.

Joao sheds a fresh light to our brand being another CT surfer dedicated to creating & improving the highest performance surf gear possible. We are stoked to continue progressing with Joao and can't wait to share it with the rest of the world.

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