VEIA Auto Accessories Designed by John John Florence

VEIA Auto Accessories Designed by John John Florence

We know what you're thinking... did JJF really care to design and create the best surfboard car accessories like tie down straps and rack pads when he could be surfing perfect waves around the world instead? 

Well the answer is simple, yes

Strapping your boards to your car or truck might seem like a chore or something that shouldn't take much thought at all but the truth is that John is traveling the world for pleasure and 'work', from sailing boats to catching flight or driving down to the beach in his truck or rental car, wherever he may be, one thing is for sure.

He needs supplies that he can depend on to get his gear to the water and back safely and securely every single time. If he's on his way to the contest at Trestles for the world championship, a strap coming undone from a cheap cam lock spring is the last thing he'll want on his plate.

Due to this need for reliable and quality supplies he's worked with us to create the strongest and most reliable auto accessories around. 

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