Testing VEIA Surf Accessories with John Florence (R&D)

Testing VEIA Surf Accessories with John Florence (R&D)

When it comes to research & development John John Florence is not one to hold back. 

A few times a hear we drop off a box of goodies at John's house on the North of Oahu and he'll immediately get to work. From leash strings to auto tie down straps, surf leashes to board bags he'll take them out into the harsh elements of the North Shore and put them through the stages of extreme product testing until something fails or proves to ultimately perform as intended. 

The backyard product testing takes our VEIA leashes, pads and more through some of the hardest levels of environmental strength from Sunset Beach to Pipeline, or outer reefs when the waves really start to pick up we receive a lot of incredible feedback from John on what worked and of course, what didn't. But his backyard routine is just the start. 

Every January/February the World Surf League's Championship Tour starts where John takes this gear we've spent hours, weeks, months improving and takes them out into the real world. When we say the real world we mean every WSL contest, freesurf, strike mission to catch a swell in between contests, sailing adventures around New Zealand or across the Pacific, and more. 

From the backyard to life on tour this testing and developing process helps us to constantly improve on gear that pushes past the boundaries of surfing and while JJF helps us move along this process we also have a team of professional athletes and every day customers (thanks to your product reviews) who provide us with some much needed feedback. 

It's more work, but it's the work we love. 

- VEIA Supplies & JJF

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