How to Choose a Surf Leash with VEIA Supplies

How to Choose a Surf Leash with VEIA Supplies

The surfboard leash has been one of the best surfing accessories discoveries since the surfboard itself. VEIA’s surfing leashes differ in 4 main ways: length of cord, thickness of cord, placement of cuff and lastly, style or model type.

Follow the guide below for the best ways to choose the right VEIA surf leash for you.

VEIA JJF Surfing Leash Cuff, Leash Cord, Leash Rail Saver

JJF Pro Leash vs. Explorer Leash

We’ve designed two different style cuffs on our leashes. I prefer the minimalist approach, thinner cuff with less material.” - John John Florence (2 x WSL World Champion & co-founder of VEIA Supplies)

VEIA offers 2 types of surf leashes that differ in detailed features to increase comfort and durability. The JJF Pro Leash was designed with 2 x World Champion John John Florence & is our most popular leash, featuring VEIA’s Duralite Cuff the strongest, most durable and by far the most comfortable surf leash around.

VEIA Supplies Surf JJF Pro Leash

↑ VEIA JJF Pro Leashes in Yellow, Blue & Night 

The Explorer Leash, featuring micro-strength velcro, low profile rail saver and more  holds just as much durability and a comfort but consists of a thinner neoprene lining to reduce weight & materials.

VEIA Supplies Surf Explorer Leash

↑ VEIA Explorer Leash in Red/Storm 

Surf Leash Cuff

All VEIA leash cuffs consist of double bonded micro-strength velcro. This adds security you can trust in any conditions by never having to worry about velcro coming undone or losing its strength/fraying over time. VEIA JJF Pro leashes are lined with 360 degree SuperSoft neoprene to create a comfortable and snug fit around your ankle or calf. JJF Pro leashes feature a laser cut TPU lined outer material which increases durability & decreases drag.

VEIA Supplies surf leash cuff

↑ VEIA JJF Pro Leash in Night. Featuring a SuperSoft Neoprene lined cuff & microvelcro. 

Surf Leash Swivel

Our surf leashes feature a dual swivel connection that allows the leash to spin & twist around freely in two separate areas without any tangling around your board/feet. The first swivel connection can be found at the base of the cuff, connecting to the cord and the other at the base of the rail saver, connecting to the cord. This feature is simple yet crucial to proving the best leash that doesn’t tangle or bunch up.

Surf Leash Cord

Most surf leash cords, including VEIA Supplies’ are made out of high quality polyurethane, a durable material that can stretch, bend, twist and hold its durability over time while doing so. The thicker the cord, the stronger it will be and longer it should last. A thicker cord has more material which slightly increases drag, due to this we offer the 5mm comp leash option in both the JJF Pro & Explorer Leash styles.  

Surf Leash Rail Saver

VEIA’s low profile rail savers are made with the same high quality micro velcro used in our cuffs as well as a water permeable laser cut TPU outer lining (JJF Pro Leashes). The result? A secure connection from the leash cord to your surfboards leash string. While longer and wider rail savers may offer more protection, they also create more drag on the water’s surface. It is a matter of personal preference whether you value decreased drag or increased rail protection more.

VEIA Supplies Surf Leash Rail Saver

↑ VEIA JJF Pro Leash in Night. Featuring VEIA's low profile rail saver. 


How to Choose the Best Surf Leash?

Of all the styles, thickness, colors and lengths of surfboard leashes it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. Stick to these 3 rules when choosing your VEIA surf leash:


  • LENGTH - Match your leash length to your surfboard's length. If your board is 6’ then you’ll need a 6’ leash. If your boards length lands in between a whole number, like 6’2” you can round up or down to personal preference, but the most common is to round up once you hit the halfway (6” or more). 

  • THICKNESS - We recommend always choosing a 7mm leash for maximum strength and durability, but offer a 5mm comp leash for kids, smaller/weaker surf, or those who like the feel/want less drag.

  • STYLE - VEIA’s 2 leash options are based off of a slim/low profile and more comfortable feel, the JJF Pro Leash Collection, or a durable yet basic option, the Explorer Leash Collection. We recommend the JJF Pro Leash to those looking for a leash that you’ll forget you’re even wearing and will enjoy for a lifetime. If you’re new to surfing or just want something to get started, the Explorer Leash collection is a more affordable option you can count on.

  • Competition Surf Leashes (5mm)

    What is a Comp Surf Leash? To keep it simple, the VEIA comp leash is a thinner cord (2mm thinner) offered to reduce drag and weight for those looking to maximize performance in weaker/smaller surf.

    Regular Surf Leashes (7mm)

    VEIA’s 7mm or "regular" leashes are known to be stronger due to their thickness. We encourage beginners, surfers with bigger/heavier boards and surfers in stronger waves or waves over 3’ to use regular leashes to increase longevity and security in your sessions. 

    VEIA Supplies John John Florence Surfing

    ↑ John John Florence demonstrating when to use Regular (7mm) Cord Thickness. 

    Ankle or Calf Surf Leash

    Surf Leash Cuffs come in 2 major categories, ankle leash and calf leash. Ankle leashes are the most widely used style due to their low out of site, out of mind setting, but there are some cases where a Calf leash will work better.
    Surfers who longboard or like to walk up and down the length of their surfboards will prefer a Calf Leash as they decrease any tangling when walking around due to their higher placement on your leg.
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