Support Mavericks Rescue Team with VEIA Supplies

Support Mavericks Rescue Team with VEIA Supplies

The Mavericks Rescue Team consists of a group dedicated to ensuring the safety of those in and around the waters of their local community.

Before swells come in, they spend their time educating and promoting safety in big wave riding, search and rescue, and more. When the swells start rolling closer they work to spread awareness in their local community and ensure people are prepared.

Once swells arrive they continue to patrol, rescue, assist, and go through many other lengths of making sure their community members and surfers who travel from around the world to surf Mavericks are safe. 

Did we mention all of the money, time and energy spent to complete this dangerous and difficult task has been solely based off their own income/volunteered? 

As a company rooted in performance and big wave surfing we thank and salute this amazing team for their work, but that's not enough to keep them moving forward. 

We are excited to offer the VEIA Mavericks Rescue Tee, a 100% cotton & printed in the USA short sleeve t-shirt that benefits the Mavs Rescue Team with each purchase. We'll be donating the profits from each Tee sale directly to the Mavericks Rescue team to help them invest in equipment upgrades and promote safety education. 

To continue to support their cause head to their gofundme page where you can donate directly to their cause. 

Thank you for your support!



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